Born 3 October 1942, Bucharest.

Education: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics-­Mechanics (1959-64); UNESCO International Postgraduale Course in Probabilily Theory, Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (1968-69); Ph.D. in Mathematics, Centre of Mathemalical Statistics of the Romanian Academy (1979).

Fields of research: applied mathematics, operations research, optimization, duality tIheory for optimization, convex analysis, nonconvex inequalities.

Major scientific achievements: duality theory of nonconvex optimization and nonconvex inequalities.

Professional record: lecturer, Faculty of Mathematics, Technical University of Karlsruhe (1972). Awards: Gheorghe Titeica Prize for Mathematics, Romanian Academy (1972).

Humboldt Research Fellowship (1971-73):applied mathematics (operations research), Technische Hochschule Karlsruhe, Institut für Statistik, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dieter.

Follow-up sponsorship: short research stay in Germany (1991), 14th International Symposium on Mathematical Programming, Amsterdam (1991). Donation by Humboldt Foundation:computer.

Publications include:


A. Books:


1. Programare patratica. Introducere in programarea convexä ("Quadratic Programming. Introduction to Convex Programming"). Bucharest: Editura Stiintificä, 1968 (in collaboration).

2. Elemente de teorie a probabilitatilor si statistica matematica ("Boses of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics"). Bucharest: Editura C.D.LC.P., 1968.

3. Programare neliniara ("Nonlinear Programming"). Bucharest: Editura Stiintifica, 1972 (in collaboration).


B. Papers:


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C. Translations:


Teoria jocurilor, by G. Owen, Bucharest: Editura Tehnica, 1974.